Africa: Can a strong cybersecurity strategy be an engine for growth?

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Africa: Can a strong cybersecurity strategy be an engine for growth?

Africa: Can a strong cybersecurity strategy be an engine for growth?

Cybercrime was not widely talked about in Africa up until recently. Sub-Saharan Africa is considered vulnerable to online attacks. Cybersecurity expert DK Cyber believes that if such issue was to tackle with immediate response, it could become an engine for growth in the continent.

Cyber security advocate DK Cyber, one of the founders of the Cyber1defense Communication in Ghana, thinks cybersecurity was not a hot topic in Africa despite the threat it can cause because the continent was facing other emergencies. He further stress on the damages it has cause in Africa and urge African leaders to take immediate action to minimize and control future attacks and damages.

Online scams, mobile transactions, and other cyber threats continue to put fear on the public about its online safety. According to reports gathered by our team, we found out that financial scams affected 48% of respondents who fell victim, with investment scams affecting 30% and crypto scams 29% of respondents. Of those scammed, 53% of the respondents were convinced the offer was legitimate because the website looked real according to them.

Also a 2023 study have also found out that 40% of African companies, all sectors combined, have recorded a rising number of such incidents. All sectors are at risk, but cyber attackers in general love soft spots. Sectors such as financial institutions. There are also e-commerce companies that are sometimes victims of cybercrime. And then there is the government sector, which also suffers from attacks. Also, other fields such as energy and services, are also facing more and more cyber-attacks.

Lack of data centers in Africa something to consider creating to help train people to help tackle these online threats. Because when we talk about digital sovereignty here, we say that Africa hosts only 1.3% of the world’s data centers. An Ivorian operator, in partnership with a foreign operator, is proposing a mini data center solution covering five hectares and soon 10 hectares, to be able to host this data locally. So, means are beginning to be implemented, local national operators are starting to work here. This is where it really makes sense to talk about digital sovereignty. 

When we see that cybercrime can cost almost 10% of Africa’s GDP, I think that, by fighting against cybercrime, by strengthening data protection, by having this digital sovereignty. The data that we can preserve and protect can allow us to be more productive and to be a growth lever for the African continent. 

We are very happy and also very proud to see the enthusiasm, to see the commitment of people, to see young people getting involved, taking their destiny in their hands to have a real impact on the Africa of tomorrow. And we will continue to go closer and to bring these issues to the fore.

The call that Cyber1defense Communication want to make is to ask decision makers to really make cybersecurity a priority for their organizations.

Africa: Can a strong cybersecurity strategy be an engine for growth?

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