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How To Activate Two-Step Verification On WhatsApp

Evans Asare
54 years ago
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  • Posted by: Evans Asare
how to activate two-step verification on whatsapp

How To Activate Two-Step Verification On WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging app on the globe with over billions of active users. It serve as a messaging platform for people to communicate with each other through messaging, audio, and videoing. WhatsApp has so many security features to protect one’s account from hackers and cyber-criminals. One of this security feature is the two-step verification.

Two-Step Verification On WhatsApp

This security feature add another layer of security by giving you a PIN code, anytime you try to use the number with the two-step verification set on to create an account, WhatsApp ask you to enter the verification code you set on the number to verify you before creating the account.

This security feature is very helpful in safeguarding your WhatsApp account, but it is not set automatically. You have to set it yourself. To set or enable your two-step verification follow the step below:

How to enable Two-step verification on WhatsApp:

  1. Open your WhatsApp account and tap on the three dot at the top-right corner
  2. Tap on settings and select Account.
  3. On the Account menu, select the Two-step Verification and tap on the turn on button
  4. Now create your 6-digit PIN, confirm it and then tap on the save button.
  5. Now add an email, this email will help you to reset your PIN incase you forget it. Follow the process to add your email and tap on the verify to complete it.

Protecting your WhatsApp account is solely on you, for someone to get access to your account, the person must first go past you before getting your account. Be vigilant and stay updated.

Author: Evans Asare