Botswana Grants License to Starlink

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  • Posted by: Evans Asare
Botswana Grants License to Starlink

Botswana Grants License to Starlink: Bringing Satellite Internet to Remote Areas. In a move to expand internet access across remote regions, Botswana has awarded a license to SpaceX’s Starlink unit.

This decision follows a directive from President Mokgweetsi Masisi to fast-track approval after meeting with Starlink executives in Dallas.

President Masisi announced the issuance of the license via his official Facebook page, stating that regulators expedited the process in response to his request. The move comes amidst Starlink’s efforts to comply with licensing requirements following scrutiny over its operations in unauthorized jurisdictions, as revealed in a Bloomberg News investigation earlier this year.

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Botswana joins other African nations, including Zimbabwe, in granting Starlink operating permits. With a global customer base exceeding 2.6 million, Starlink utilizes a network of approximately 5,500 satellites to deliver broadband internet services.

President Masisi highlighted the significance of Starlink’s services for connecting remote areas where traditional fixed broadband infrastructure is lacking. This move is expected to benefit various sectors, including agriculture, by providing access to reliable internet connectivity.

While Starlink services are going to become available in Botswana soon, some internet users and service providers have already utilized Starlink’s services using roaming kits, despite the absence of an official operating license.

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