iPhone WhatsApp Update

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iPhone WhatsApp Update

iPhone WhatsApp Update

iPhone WhatsApp users can now share screens and audio during video calls. Meta has rolled out an update to WhatsApp for iPhone users. The latest version of WhatsApp (24.9.74) gives iPhone users a new video calling menu, and the ability to share screens during a video call. Users can also share audio now, a feature that has been available on Android smartphones for a while now. Before this update, when the screen was shared during a video call, users were unable to hear the audio. The update fixes the issue.

With the latest update, WhatsApp also introduced green-coloured buttons and notification icons for all users. Green has long been a prominent colour on WhatsApp for iPhone. Now, with the latest update, the colour palette extends beyond dark mode, also encompassing light mode, with the same theme applied to notifications. These features are gradually rolling out and should reach all users in the coming days.

Meta has added many new features to WhatsApp over the last few weeks including AI-backed capabilities like image generation and a ChatGPT-like chatbot, powered by an in-house Llama model, for select users.

WhatsApp also introduced a new capability to community users, allowing them to send invites for events or parties and collect feedback. In the latest WhatsApp beta version, the company is also testing a new feature that shows a list of users who were recently online.

Currently, WhatsApp has different UI designs across platforms. The Android and the iOS versions look different now. The company recently revamped the WhatsApp web UI as well. This now includes all menu icons on the left side, including options like status, channels, and community.

Author: Evans Asare

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