Cyber1Defense Communication On A Mission

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Cyber1Defense Communication On A Mission

Cybersecurity and tech company Cyber1Defense Communication went to Gomoa and Winneba to teach the young and old on cyber security and it related issues. The movement is part of the company’s plan to reach out to people wherever they are and spread cyber security awareness. Its other motive is to establish a connection between the young and cyber security to get them to enter the cyber security field. Laptops were given to some people as a way of motivating them.

Speaking to the people, the director of Cyber1Defense Communication, DK Cyber, said, “We hope this will encourage them to be interested in cyber security and for them to come on board. We are urging the parents to help us achieve this goal. Cybersecurity is essential in our daily lives, and it is also one of the professions in Ghana we are lacking in terms of personnel. If we want to protect our country’s digital space, then we need to get a lot of people in the field. That’s why Cyber1Defense Communication is taking this initiative. To get people interested in cyber security, we also train and guide them to be on the good side of the field. We are not stopping here; there is a lot coming this year, 2024.

Cyber1Defense Communication is a tech company that provides training in cyber security. Cyber1Defense stands at the forefront of the industry, equipping its clients with the tools to safeguard their digital presence effectively.

The mission is to empower individuals and organizations by providing top-notch cybersecurity training, consulting, and services that exceed industry standards. Through our comprehensive approach, we aim to bridge the cybersecurity skills gap and contribute to a safer digital future in Ghana and beyond.

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