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  • Posted by: Evans Asare

Ghana tech company Cyber1defense Communication in partnership with Ghana media powerhouse Atinka Media Village, is bringing out a brand-new program Teen Cyber Competition this year.

The competition is to focus on grooming kids into the field of cybersecurity and also serving as an educational program to educate kids and its audience on cybersecurity.

The competition is to be done in a zone, with each zone being represented by their communities within the zone. The community that wins the zone will then represent the region of the zone in the regional’s finals.

The first phase start in the Greater Accra Region, with the region being divided into four zones, western zone, southern zone, northern zone and then eastern zone. Each zone will be represented by the communities within the zone. 

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What have been said

Speaking to Atinka Media, director of Cyber1Defense Communication, DK Cyber said “The purpose of this competition is to build relationship with the kids on cybersecurity and get them on the field. Cybersecurity personnel in Ghana and even Africa is something we are lacking as a continent. We need to catch up with the rest of the continent, very soon everything will move into the digital space. Who is going to protect our digital space, there are people already there protecting it but we still need more hands. Cyber criminals are on the rise, we need to get more people on the ethical side. That’s why we came up with this program, we are targeting the kids because they are the future. We need to get them on the good side before the bad one’s gets them first.”

He also urges the communities and the Government to support this initiative with every possible means. This is not just about Cyber1defense Communication, but it is about Ghana and Africa at large.

Author: Evans Asare

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