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Free Computer Literacy course

The Computer Literacy course is designed for individuals with little to no prior experience in using computers. This course aims to provide a solid foundation in computer skills, covering essential topics such as basic computer operation, file management, internet usage, and productivity tools. Through a combination of theoretical instruction, hands-on practice, and interactive exercises, students will gain confidence in using computers for everyday tasks.


Instructor-led Course | On-Campus Course | Online

Monday, Tuesday, Friday : 3hrs (To Schedule)

1 weeks


Course Details

  • Module 1: Introduction to Computers
    • Overview of computer hardware and software components
    • Understanding operating systems
    • Basic computer anatomy and terminology
    • Computer startup and shutdown procedures
    • Exploring the desktop and user interface

    Module 2: Computer Operations

    • Mouse and keyboard skills
    • Managing files and folders
    • Copying, moving, and deleting files
    • Using shortcuts and hotkeys
    • Introduction to keyboard typing

    Module 3: Internet Basics

    • Introduction to internet connectivity
    • Web browsers and their features
    • Navigating websites and using hyperlinks
    • Search engines and conducting online searches
    • Understanding web addresses (URLs)

    Module 4: Email and Online Communication

    • Creating and managing an email account
    • Composing and sending emails
    • Managing email folders and organizing messages
    • Attaching files to emails
    • Understanding netiquette and email etiquette

    Module 5: Word Processing and Document Creation

    • Introduction to word processing software (Microsoft Word, Google Docs, etc.)
    • Creating, formatting, and editing documents
    • Formatting text (font styles, sizes, colors, etc.)
    • Working with paragraphs, lists, and tables
    • Saving and printing documents

    Module 6: Spreadsheets and Data Management

    • Introduction to spreadsheet software (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, etc.)
    • Creating and formatting spreadsheets
    • Entering and manipulating data
    • Basic formulas and functions
    • Sorting and filtering data

    Module 7: Presentation Software

    • Introduction to presentation software (Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, etc.)
    • Creating and editing slides
    • Applying themes and templates
    • Adding text, images, and multimedia elements
    • Delivering and presenting slideshows

    Module 8: Computer Security and Privacy

    • Understanding common computer threats (viruses, malware, phishing)
    • Best practices for computer security
    • Creating and managing strong passwords
    • Protecting personal information online
    • Privacy settings and online safety

    Module 9: Online Productivity Tools

    • Introduction to cloud-based productivity tools (Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, etc.)
    • Creating and sharing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online
    • Collaborating with others on shared documents
    • Syncing files across devices
    • Online storage and backup options

    Module 10: Computer Maintenance and Troubleshooting

    • Basic computer maintenance tasks (disk cleanup, software updates, etc.)
    • Troubleshooting common computer issues (slow performance, error messages, etc.)
    • Understanding antivirus software and performing scans
    • Backing up and restoring files
    • Seeking technical support when needed

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